Ups and Downs.

All of us have seen the TV monitors at hospitals, with heartbeat of a man running up and down. Doctors call it sinus a rhythm and the moment it goes flatline, it means your heart has stopped there is no heartbeat anymore. You are a dead guy. Now here is something that your lifeline, your heartbeat has to tell you, life is about ups and downs, happy and sad, easy and tough you can’t expect it to be monotonic. You can’t always hope for the best. Some things are meant to happen, and believe me you can’t do anything about it. Don’t question what you don’t appreciate in your life but rather face it with your determination. Don’t ask for the same thing again and again you had it once you had your fun, now look for another challenge. The moment things goes steady in your life, that moment you have stopped living it don’t invite troubles but so don’t be that man who is better off dead than being alive.

Life is about living the moments enjoying the ups and downs taking a swing and learning to duck. Don’t keep yourself locked, ceased, escape to the world enjoy what’s around you, let your life surprise you.


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