Journey, Underrated


When you came to this world you knew nothing and had nothing, as time passed you grew up, you learned new things and since then you have come a long way now. You dreamed as you grow up and then your life became a chase to your dreams. It is brave to chase your dreams, but life is a journey. You have to live in the moment too. Learn to embrace what you have. Sometimes, happiness is knocking on your door and you ignore it.

Today when we look around we don’t see much giggles and laugh but its more of hush and shush. We are so focused on reaching the goal that we ruin the journey as we move on, life has become busy and we don’t find time to celebrate along, we start ignoring small events of our life and instead start prioritizing.

Happiness is not a big budget thing that you can buy later, it lies in a single moment. The corner of your lips goes up and your teeth start being visible with this activity there is a smile on your face, your heart starts beating rhythmically and there you go feeling happy, but it doesn’t happen often.


Don’t turn yourself into a machine find yourself a hobby see what makes you happy and find time for it in your schedule. Spend time with your family and friends, these moments, it will nurture you with the strength you need to reach your goals

In your journey when you reach the destination the victory will be more blissful and delightful if you don’t end up there alone and dead.

Make your journey more jubilate, happening than your destination.


7 thoughts on “Journey, Underrated

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  1. Your post sends an inspiring message to a world darkened by times of hatred, change, and war. One has to be thankful for the little moments of happiness, for no one can be sure when the next will come.
    Keep an eye on grammar though as some meaning can be lost in translation from writer to reader.
    Happy writing!
    -Author S

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