Believe in Yourself.

Do you think that somebody out there up above  in the sky is looking after you…if yes then is he doing his Job honestly..? Well I have no thinnest idea about Presence or Absence of the God but I do believe that somebody is out there and he is watching us.

So are you are doing enough to impress him or is your life just an entertainment for him, well who cares because you will not gonna have a review about it. Its you who can judge whats really your life is all about. So the question should be are you happy with yourself is what you are doing is really what you wanna do, does your work make you happy, do you sleep peacefully at night or the situation is that bad that you can’t even live your life your way.

Its you who will make yourself a winner or loser nobody else give a damn about how fucked up your life is because he has his own life to deal with, why are you expecting someone to help you why to wait for someones courtesy, why don’t you live your life your way, do what you want with your life, go out there and give your dreams a chance they deserve.


Well, I will not lie, it would not be that easy as it is said, there will be bad days for you in your journey but I will promise you one thing that at the end you will find your journey way more fascinating than the destination, always plan to live not to survive, you can’t predict the future so drill your way through the inhibition to make your future.

Now is the time to wrap up your shit (your loss, failure & past) because its time for you to get up like an ant and drag the heavy dreams with you to your goals. So promise yourself you gonna live your life your way and nobody will be judging you except you, your answer to satisfaction should be your happiness at your heart.

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