Epilogue : The end seems mysterious.

Simon is driving the city bus for 5 years now and he had a clear record for it with zero accidents and no delays. Simon’s father taught him driving at the age of 16 to help him with the business. They had a truck which was mostly used to carry fresh vegetables and fruits from farm to grocery store. His father was looking forward to buy another truck and hand it to Simon. Simon never had the idea that one day driving would turn out to be a profession for him.

Simon drove from the townhall in the morning and by afternoon to Church he would start from Church at evening and by night he was back home. Simon took his job seriously, on time and every stop. He used to drive to St. George road because it was in his duty route even though he knew there is nobody out there waiting for him. Today as every other day Simon went to the bus garage and started his journey but something different was planned for Simon today about which he had no idea. When Simon took the turn for the St. George road he saw Mrs Rogers walking with her puppy Cross down the road, passing a smile to her he then put pressure on accelerator and drove down. After going down 7 mile Simon could see a human figure at the end of the road first he thought it as illusion but when as he drove little farther his feet started releasing pressure from accelerator and bus start moving slowly down the road.

The bus came to stop infront of the passenger who must have been a young man over 20 may be from South from color of his skin he boarded the bus looking exhausted, Simon was still surprise to see a young boy there and he then asked “Where to ?” And boy went on to sit on the last seat of bus looking little bit paranoid he said “Where would you go if you knew something no one I mean no one on this planet knew about” Simon was startled by the reply and thought about things which only he knew there were few, he glanced back to the kid with no answer and then the boy said “and to add, it’s a secret that will decide fate of human race “.

Simon turned back looked at the road ahead and started driving he don’t want to be late today for the first time.


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