Future Awaits You : Let go off past.

​Sometimes the past turn out to be very cruel and dark, we find ourselves selfless with it and all we do is mourning and regretting. The past catches a hold of us and drown us with him. You can’t let the past win, it had already done the damage to you.

I have seen people going lonely after something terrible had happened in their life it become hard for them to leave it and move ahead, they let their loss engulf them and they end up living in solitary isolated from rest of the world. They tries to look for peace in lonesome but loneliness is dangerous its addicting once you find how peaceful it is you don’t want to deal with people and then that loneliness start converting you into something you are not. You can’t use past as an excuse to ruin your present and future.

Crying our past is no solution no matter how bad it was, honestly you can’t do anything about it leaving past behind is the best you can do. Maybe its hard sometimes to just forget everything and move on but if you cannot do that then take inspiration from past recall the good you had, remember the promises you made to yourself in the past the dreams you had in past.Cherish whatever you have from old times because you will need it in the future.The thing about past is that its not going anywhere it’s you who have to make the move. The past will not let you go if you don’t let it go off first, you can’t start a next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.

They say you can’t change what have been done, there is no going back well I say the best you can do is learn from your past and set a new course to the future. The whole future is in your hands and the best is still awaiting.


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