Fight for Success

Success, every person has his own definition of success but in general it is interpreted that it is all about being rich and owning a luxurious house and car. So I would say in general I’m not successful and presume that neither most of us. This general feeling of success, is actually very overrated and because of that most of us feel very unsuccessful and unsatisfied with our life.

You lost a job, you having trouble with your relationship, you need to look up for help, you aren’t able to sleep at nights these situations doesn’t turn you into any unsuccessful person these are part of life it’s not not the end, try harder and even fail more often. 

Success is never about money, one should mug up this one line for being successful. There is smile on your spouse’s, child’s , parent’s face its success embrace it, you are happy at your heart its a success, you was selected to compete its a success, you learned a new word today its a success, success is so simple and lovely that sometimes you simply end up ignoring your success. Wherever you are in your life at this moment its because of few success and few failures believe me if you have learnt anything from your failure then it is also a success.

You are focused at the one side of the coin you have to flip it to unveil the other one too, to discover its true value.Hard time come in everyones life and you may lose few battles but then thats life being life what you can be is a fighter, dream about your future and go live it. Remember every step closer to your dream is a success so celebrate it and keep going success awaits you.


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