Nice Attack : Yet another attack on humanity.

What happened at Nice, France the whole world mourns it. It was sad and cruel and I pray for peace for victims of this inhumane tragedy. My heart was filled with grief and pain when I heard about it in news.

Its atmosphere of sorrow and pain in France today, the attack is not alone on people of France but on every one of us.The world is falling apart casualties and accidents are happening all around, we are frightened inside and the terror has surround us. Today we are advised to look over our shoulder everytime we go out. Man is losing faith in another man,one cruelty had lead to another and every man is losing hope, patience and is thinking for himself by every passing minute humanity is dying people are being murdered, man is being slaughtered, relationships are falling apart, someone’s trusts or promise is broken, lies are being told and its hard to find peace around.

But it is not over yet we have not lost yet the terrorist may have grown their territory they may have been successful at in carrying out crime but we are not done yet we won’t be giving up so easily. Humanity is still among us man is feeding a man, man is giving hand to another man, our soldiers are out there fighting for us. We will celebrate every festival with joy and togetherness. We can’t leave this world in the hand of evil we will not surrender to evil, the devil should know that we are not going down that easy our every day should be an answer to them.

“We may sometimes feel that we can’t do much as individuals, but humanity is made up of individuals; we can make a difference” @DalaiLama

Today I pledge to stand together and united to fight the darkness off this world do you stand by me.


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