Siachen SuperHero Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad

Death is inevitable but the battle Hanumanthappa fought will be remembered forever.

I was really moved and inspired by the will of Hanumanthappa. He fought the death for days and as soldier of the great country he didn’t gave up till the last second. He lived every second of his life and took every breath giving hope and pride to his country.
As Hanumanthappa was fighting a miraculous battle he brought the whole nation together for the cause of humanity and peace. He gave strength to thousands of brave men serving our nation. His spirit shed light of bravery and passion on millions to keep fighting and going.
A resident of Betadur village in Dharwad district of Karnataka, Hanumanthappa enlisted in the Madras Regiment’s 19th Battalion on October 25, 2002.He was posted in Mahore in Jammu & Kashmir from 2003 to 2006, where he was actively involved in counter insurgency operations.Hanumanthappa volunteered for postings in inhospitable and difficult areas, serving in these areas for 10 years out of his 13 year long army career.

Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppada the brave son of the India was trapped 35 feet deep below in the ice for 5 days, his body went cold and many organs in his body stopped working but his heart kept on beating for his country. His heart refused to gave up upon the hope of his mother and motherland.
Hanumanthappa was a warrior, survivor and a fighter, death may have over powered him but in the end Hanumanthappa was the winner.He died as martyr. He died as hero a soldier who gave millions of his countrymen the assurance of their safety from evil and darkness is in the hands of bravest and heartiest.
#Salute Long live Indian Soldiers.
Respect for every man with and without uniform who is serving for the safety of his motherland and its citizens.