Pristine Decision

We often find ourselves saying that my life sucks I hope I have not made this or that decision. So here is what I feel about making a new decision. Only you can decide whether it’s right or not, making a right decision is all about being successful.

Why is that we are all afraid of making a new decision and end up making a choice?

Because we are nervous about it well its natural there is nothing wrong with it. What actually we are afraid off is fear of losing what we have to what we will or will not have, or having thoughts of things not turning up as we expected them to be. This feeling is same of what we feel when we notice a small change in our planed routine. We today are trying to be so secure that we are planning our whole life as an event we are not giving ourselves a chance to enjoy the life. This fear of ours is destroying our curiosity and love for something new, creative and innovative and blocking your fortune. Doing something new is a choice we all love to have but we don’t go for fresh start what we don’t know is that we are avoiding something great and amazing and novel waiting for us.

Hold your breath and go for it.Few things are worth risking.

Can bad decisions leads you to great things?

Let me tell you something ,going for something fresh is bold and courageous and its chicken to drop it. A baby can’t take his first step being afraid of falling; nobody can be a dancer if he can’t overcome his fear of embarrassment. I would say don’t be reasonable because honestly I can’t define the word reasonable there is no reason for winning or losing, there are no reasons to learning or giving up, its just the comfort zone in which we are living. We are looking for reasons. so that we don’t have to feel guilty about ourselves and our bad decisions(we always know which one is a bad decision). Go out, talk to someone use his wisdom ask for his advice but don’t turn his advice to your decision, be brave and use your own wisdom to take the decision.

Friends its time to buckle up and driveaway ,don’t stop until you have what you were looking for and don’t be afraid of new places that you will reach, you never know what’s it gonna be until you have reached it. So get out of your comfort zone and make a wise decision instead of a choice because for me choices are all about giving away what you want for something you want more dearly. Make a fearless , honest decision and don’t giveaway what you could have.


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