First Time

The fun you have when you try something new is complementary. The fear you overcome trying it, is the prize. ~Pushpendra Singh


Ask Yourself

Ask yourself who you are. Question yourself "Who am I ? " If you can answer this question in 30 seconds, for 30 seconds long, then you are really into some business and doing good with your life. So all that you gotta do now is keep going and trying do better. Constantly think about... Continue Reading →

Ups and Downs.

All of us have seen the TV monitors at hospitals, with heartbeat of a man running up and down. Doctors call it sinus a rhythm and the moment it goes flatline, it means your heart has stopped there is no heartbeat anymore. You are a dead guy. Now here is something that your lifeline, your... Continue Reading →

Together We Win

Friends I would like to share with you an inspirational experience, which I came across sometime back. At a special Olympics, nine contestants , all physically or mentally challenged, assembled at the starting signal, they all started out, not exactly in a dash, but with a relish to run the race to the finish and... Continue Reading →

If only I could cry…

  I don't have a idea when was the last time I could cry, when a tear left my eyes. It's not that I had great days and I was always happy, I would say it was rather the opposite. In spite of being sad I couldn't cry. There have been situations when I felt... Continue Reading →

Don’t You Give Up.

Down the path if things goes side ways Don't lose hope, try with new rays You took this road with hopes in your eye Now with few encumbrance don't let them die The success may be oppressive & farther Be focused and determined rather Acknowledge what you may experience Hold the arsenal to meet the... Continue Reading →

Journey, Underrated

It is brave to chase your dreams, but life is a journey. You have to live in the moment too. Learn to embrace what you have. Sometimes, happiness is knocking on your door and you ignore it.

Day 3 : Three day, Three Qoutes.

​ Dreams are not enough to be successful its your effort and dedication that pays, you gotta work hard, make sacrifices to reach the your goals. Stop finding excuses, wasting your time, and come out of your comfort zone to live your dreams. Sitting ducks won't get your problem solved, be brave and honest to... Continue Reading →

Day 2 : Three days, Three Qoutes

​ Life is a journey and you can reach so many beautiful places during this journey that you will thank god for this life. But for that you have to travel you have to execute you can't enjoy the life living in a small made up world of yours you gotta to leave your comfort... Continue Reading →

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